• Maintenance: What's To Learn?

    A lot of people think that there is nothing you need to learn about maintenance. They do not understand why facilities maintenance training is an actual trade school course of learning, nor do they understand why you would want or need a certificate or degree in the subject. To shed some light on what this program is really like, and how not so simple this career path is, the following is provided. [Read More]

  • Why A Medical Assistant Career May Be Right For An Individual Recovering From Addiction

    Addiction is a problem that can capture an individual in what feels like an inescapable bond. However, improvements in treatment methods have made it easier to beat this problem and to move on to a happy and healthy life. However, many individuals in this position will need a new focus for their life. For example, they may find that their dependence on drugs started as a way of coping with a career that they despised. [Read More]