Why A Medical Assistant Career May Be Right For An Individual Recovering From Addiction

Posted on: 6 January 2019

Addiction is a problem that can capture an individual in what feels like an inescapable bond. However, improvements in treatment methods have made it easier to beat this problem and to move on to a happy and healthy life. However, many individuals in this position will need a new focus for their life.

For example, they may find that their dependence on drugs started as a way of coping with a career that they despised. In this situation, an individual should consider changing their career to a more positive one, including becoming a high-quality medical assistant.

Those Suffering From Addiction Benefit From Helping Others

Individuals who finally quit abusing drugs often feel a great sense of emptiness in their lives. Unfortunately, this feeling is often what triggers a person to relapse. As a result, many people in this situation need to find a new focus which can help them stay away from substances.

For example, they can turn to the lessons of the 12-step program to regain a sense of stability. These steps state that an individual recovering from an addiction has the duty to help others as much as possible. That's just one reason why somebody in recovery could seriously benefit from a new career as a medical assistant.

Why Being a Medical Assistant is a Smart Choice

Becoming a medical assistant is excellent career option for someone who wants to help others. There is not only a high demand for this job but incredible job security. And while some assistants may be placed in high-pressure areas, like a hospital, most end up working in a private practice or in a clinic, which are typically more comfortable and relaxing.

Even better, training for this career can be a very streamlined process if an individual is determined to succeed. For example, an individual recovering from an addiction can find a new sense of purpose in helping others achieve better health. They can replace the dedication that they once had for their drugs with a new focus on their career.

Beyond these many career benefits, a person going through the addiction recovery process can also use their experiences as a way of helping others overcome their problems. For example, they can honestly talk to patients about the addictive possibility of various types of medicines and help them steer clear of behaviors that trigger these actions.

Thankfully, there are plenty of great trade schools where an individual can learn these vital life skills. These medical assistant programs often have accelerated training programs for those who need to get to work right away. Others provide financial assistance for those who need it.