Why A Medical Assistant Career May Be Right For An Individual Recovering From Addiction

Posted on: 6 January 2019

Addiction is a problem that can capture an individual in what feels like an inescapable bond. However, improvements in treatment methods have made it easier to beat this problem and to move on to a happy and healthy life. However, many individuals in this position will need a new focus for their life. For example, they may find that their dependence on drugs started as a way of coping with a career that they despised. [Read More]

Does Your Elderly Parent Need A Vehicle Fixed? Find A School And Save Money

Posted on: 4 April 2017

If you have an elderly parent that doesn't have a lot of money to spend on auto repairs, and they currently have a vehicle that isn't running efficiently, there are some things you can do to get the vehicle running properly without spending a lot of cash. You can find a center that offers senior citizen discounts or cut coupons, but the easiest thing to do may be to find a training center. [Read More]

Preparing to Take the CDL Test: Three Things You Can Do to Get Ready

Posted on: 13 July 2016

The commercial driver's test, or CDL, is your key to starting a career as a truck driver. There are several things you will need to do to prepare for the exam. Use this helpful guide to get ready for your test, and give yourself the tools you need to be a successful truck driver. Enroll in a Truck-Driving School One of the easiest ways to prepare for the CDL is to enroll in a trade school that offers truck-driving and CDL courses. [Read More]

Expanding Your Career In Refrigeration: Which EPA Certification Should You Choose?

Posted on: 1 June 2015

If you're ready to expand your career in refrigeration, obtain an EPA technical certification. EPA technical certification gives you the opportunity to work in a variety of positions, including new home residential contracting. The Environmental Protection Agency or EPA set up special guidelines to protect the ozone layer from the harmful liquids and aerosols used in cold storage repairs. You need to learn how to apply, discard and transport these types of substances properly. [Read More]